Omnivore - 5 Seasons to Hold HB 314 Rally

Brewing change in Georgia


While House Bill 314, which would’ve allowed Georgia breweries and brewpubs to sell a limited amount of their own beer (288 ounces, or one case) on-premises to customers for off-premises consumption, was tabled by the Georgia House of Representatives on March 1, craft-beer advocates haven’t given up hope. Some of them, in fact, are already gearing up for a bigger fight next year. “Now is the time,” says 5 Seasons Brewing Co. owner and brewmaster Crawford Moran. “The committees are trying to get the dialogue going over the summer, so if the citizens of Georgia want to be part of the discussion, they need to let the committee members know now. It’s a matter of tapping into that support and sending it to the right place.”

Fittingly, Moran’s organizing an HB 314 rally at 5 Seasons Westside this Thurs., Mar. 14. (See what they did there - 3/14?) Kicking things off at 5:55 p.m., the brewpub will be serving food, fun, and a brand-new beer. The Complicated Issues IPA, named after the vague language used by HB 314 opponents to explain why the bill wasn’t making it farther in the Gold Dome, will make its debut, with a dollar from every pint sold going to Georgians for World Class Beer (GWCB).