Atlanta Food & Wine Festival 2013 highlights (part 2)

Days two and three at the festival

Saturday, June 1

Day Two of the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival certainly packed some heat. (You can check out our notes from Day One here.)



<< At Freebird, White Oak Pastures farmer Will Harris partnered up with chef Anne Quatrano to explain the pastured poultry movement over some good ole' fried poultry. Image

During Oysters and Beer >> guests learned all about shape and cup size; that citrusy, grassy beers pair well with oysters; and that there is truth to the "R Rule" (eat local oysters in months with an "r" because of cooler water temps.) But the most impressive part of the seminar might have been when chef Brian Caswell realized he did not have a beer opener and popped open a bottle using his forearm. Don't mess with Texas. Fact: When a menu reads "Gulf Oysters" that means the oysters can come anywhere from Apalachicola, Fla., to Galveston, TX; ask to see the tag if you want to know exactly what you're eating.

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