Omnivore - Food media round-up: Paula Deen's new crisis manager, 'Downton Abbey' wine, Silicon Valley perfects ice cream, and more

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  • Would you care for a spot of Downton Abbey wine?

Two of Atlanta's own have made it onto Thrillist's Best Burgers in the Entire Country. Do you agree with their picks?

Like to drink while watching your favorite shows? Do it right with "Downton Abbey" wine or "Breaking Bad" beer.

The best Food Vine? Watch some delicious six-second goodness.

Getting tired of the Paula Deen firestorm in the media? So is she. She's calling in the experts, (specifically, crisis manager, Judy Smith, the inspiration behind the hit TV show "Scandal."

Smitten whips up ice cream. How a Silicon Valley start-up "perfected" ice cream.

And...microscopic Pop-Tarts and cubical salads. Dishes that nobody has time to make, but hey, they are mighty fun to look at.