Omnivore - Yum Bunz opens today

New 'fast dim sum' restaurant opens on the Westside.


After months of delays, the highly anticipated Yum Bunz finally opened today in West Midtown.

Miso Izakaya's Guy Wong, the Real Chow Baby's Mike Blum, and executive chef Chris Lee collaborated to bring Atlanta quick-serve dim sum dishes like bao buns (stuffed and steamed yeast dough buns), Korean ssäm wraps, and noodle bowls.

With a $28,000 special steamer and mixed-use development space, it took seven months for landlords to sign the lease and receive permitting for all of the renovations and menu items. To be certified by the USDA, owner Mike Blum told CL that Yum Bunz had to go through extra steps for their unique bao buns, whereas if he wanted to open up a burger or taco restaurant, they would have opened six months ago.