Omnivore - Sabores del Plata: Who is drowning and why?

Dining on food from Uruguay and Argentina



A few Fridays ago, I convinced my friends to dine at Sabores del Plata, a Norcross restaurant serving the meat-obsessed cuisine of Uruguay and Argentina. What could please the tame of taste more than big chunks of cow?

Sigh. I didn't know this was a nose-to-tail kinda place and the boys immediately began combing through the menu to avoid blood sausage, intestines, and sweet breads. In all honestly, I'm not a scrap-meat aficionado myself, but I ordered a (huge) plate of sliced cow tongue in a vinegary sauce with "Russian salad" for a starter.

I love tongue, but I did not like this oily, squishy version that tasted mainly of the vinegar. I pushed my plate forward, inviting tastes. All but one declined. I was embarrassed when our terrific server came around and fetched the barely half-eaten dish.