Omnivore - Ratio Bakeshop's scone dream

Cranberries and pecans meet white chocolate


I posted an interview with Ratio Bakeshop owner Chris Flores recently, and mentioned that he spent some time at Jonathan St. Hilaire's Bakeshop (R.I.P.). Jonathan, who is now somewhere in New Hampshire, made addictive scones, among my favorite comfort foods. Chris said he's been tweaking a recipe of his own for some time, and here's an example, direct from Ratio's kitchen.

It's a sugar-glistening blend of pecan pieces, dried cranberries, and white chocolate. Chris intentionally evokes nostalgia in much of his baking. For me, this was a flashback to the pecan sandies I pigged-out on as a kid. The crispy pecan bits and taste of sweet, creamy chocolate get a slight acidic bump from the dried cranberries. It crumbles but doesn't shatter.

Don't eat two in the middle of the night. Your sugar-fired brain will be ruminating at warp speed.