Omnivore - Give $$ to Living Walls, courtesy of Kroger?

Here’s your rationalization for a late night rampage for nacho fixings. (It actually supports amazing street art in your ‘hood.)


  • Living Walls
  • You can give cash money to Living Walls by shopping at your neighborhood Murder Kroger.

Hipster Kroger, Murder Kroger, or Disco Kroger - doesn’t matter which one you shop at, you can officially feel better about a feverish late night rampage for nacho fixings.

Living Walls, the nonprofit that brings new murals and public art to our neighborhoods each year, was just accepted to the Kroger Community Rewards program, meaning every time you swipe your Kroger Plus card, .5 percent of the purchase will be donated to their noble cause.

We tested the waters and it took us all of 1.8 minutes to do the deed: Just activate your Kroger Plus card account online and visit Community Rewards to enroll in the program. Make sure you select “Living Walls” as the benefiting organization, and you’re good to go.

If you’re not down with the Plus card (or just not down with shenanigans in the Edgewood Retail District parking lot), you can also hit up Across the Street next Tuesday, April 15 from 6-8 p.m. for a Living Walls dine out benefit event. There will be free appetizers (which might best your nachos, sorry to say) and a cash bar. Donations will help them score supplies like spray paint and scissor lifts and help them on their mission to beautify Atlanta’s public spaces one wall at a time.