Omnivore - A bowl of belly at Big Sky Buckhead

Hector Santiago and Pedro Matos resurrect some flavors from Pura Vida


This is one of the entree bowls at the new Big Sky Buckhead, whose consulting chef is Hector Santiago. He owned the sorely-missed Pura Vida in Poncey-Highland for 12 years. The full time chef is Pedro Matos who worked at Pura Vida and its short-lived sister operation, Super Pan.

This bowl features cured pork belly slow-cooked in a habanero-tamarind sauce, served over black beans and rice with a hit of sambal and cilantro-cabbage slaw. Like most of the food at Big Sky, it’s tasty but lacks the spicy kick you’d expect from habaneros and sambal.

Keep an eye out for my full write-up soon.