Omnivore - Ethiopian lunch at Ghion Cultural Hall

Feeling guilty for not cleaning my plate


It’s been there for years, but I’d never visited Ghion Cultural Hall until last week. The Ethiopian restaurant on Cheshire Bridge is a collection of oddly rambling spaces that lead to the main dining room (above) where I lunched completely alone.

Well, I was alone if you don’t count the blaring but spellbinding music videos that played incessantly.

? ? ?

That’s not surprising, I guess, since the restaurant is well known for its live music on weekends. But watching the double-jointed choreography and listening to the repetitive sounds reminded me of the time I was trapped on a bus for 8 hours in Turkey while two different Bollywood movies played simultaneously. Forever.

The food? Well, let me put it this way. Two restaurant employees came separately to the table when I asked for my check and expressed their, um, concern that I ate significantly less than half of the two lamb stews I ordered. Their concern deepened when I explained that I couldn’t take the leftovers with me because I wouldn’t be going home for three or four hours. I apologized. The portions were large. I apologized. The injera fills me rapidly. Finally, I headed for the nearest door.