The Televangelist: ATLwood Weekly Rundown (2)

In which J.Lo gives some unexpected props to this publication

— My ATLwood updates are nothing without you guys, and this week Andrew Snook has provided me with something I am quite proud of: behold this week's photo, front and center: accidental J.Lo product placement for the Loaf! How 'bout them apples? Andrew takes lots of awesome pictures so be sure to check 'em out.


  • Photography by Andrew Snook
  • Reader Andrew Snook snaps a bootyfull shot of J.Lo sharing a moment with our dear publication

— Speaking of Jennifer Lopez and What To Expect When You're Expecting, filming moved from Inman Park and Little Five Points this week onto Piedmont Park.

— The number of celebrities in this film is also multiplying exponentially - check out these pics of Chase Crawford and Anna Kendrick on set. Even more importantly, Cheryl Cole has been confirmed as having a small cameo (For those of you not familiar, Cheryl Cole hails from across the pond and is a pretty big star over there. She was in the mega-pop group Girls Aloud, and was a judge on the UK X Factor. She was also married to Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole - booo hissss - and happens to be pretty stunning).

— Early Word: Billy Crystal has teamed up with the writers from City Slickers for the upcoming film Us and Them, which will start shooting in town in the fall.

— Support Georgia filmmaking: watch the trailer for the remake of Footloose. (Coca-Cola mention in the first 10 seconds to establish Georgia locale? Check!)

— Before Michael Clark reveals his answers from last week's movie trivia contest, does anyone know: "what 2011 movie has scenes filmed at the Georgia Aquarium?"

— For those looking to stalk Falcons QB Matt Ryan (hey, no judgments here - he is, after all, the Most Handsome NFL Quarterback), he apparently gets his coif done at Buckhead Van Michael.

— Mentioning it because I must: The "Real Housewives" tour is coming to Atlanta. Jesus wept.

— Meat for the meatheads: "Necessary Roughness" has been filming at Morton's Steakhouse downtown.

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