Omnivore - The Ultimate Atlanta Pizza Smackdown cometh

Cast your vote. Cast your vote. Cast your vote.


  • Rachel Hortman

What is the best pizza in Atlanta? It’s a question that has dominated the hearts, minds, and stomachs of Creative Loafing’s dining team for months. There are hundreds of pizza joints around metro Atlanta; so many styles, so many types. The first order of business was to narrow the playing field to just 12 contenders. For us, 12 felt like a magic Goldilocks number: It’s enough to feel somewhat comprehensive, but at the same time, still manageable. (We gave burgers the same treatment last year.) It was tough, but with the help of some core criteria we were able to decide on 11 worthy competitors.

We’d like your help with number 12. Starting the second this post went up and through 6 p.m. this Fri., June 19, we’re asking our readers to cast their votes to select the twelfth and final competitor for CL’s upcoming Atlanta Pizza Smackdown. You may be compelled to leave your pick in the comments, but we humbly ask that you use this nifty poll we created instead. Although we’re not quite ready to share our final 11, please keep in mind that if your favorite isn’t among the choices listed on our little survey, we may have already selected it as one of our top picks, or you can let us know about them with the write-in option. Whichever locally owned pizza restaurant has the most votes when the clock strikes 6 p.m. this Friday will be added to the pile of gladiators. Capiche?

*Editor’s Note: This post has been updated since its original publication.