Omnivore - Concrete Jungle hosts 'Weed Dating' at Doghead Farm

Think speed dating, but in a way that benefits a local farm, too.

? Being single in the city ain’t easy. Between the endless dating apps, friends playing match-maker, and accidental introductions at any number of bars, it’s easy to feel more lost than ever. Local nonprofits Concrete Jungle, the organization that donates food foraged from urban areas to charity, and the Homestead Atlanta, an up-and-coming sustainability skills and education center, can’t promise you the right way to find “the one.” But they are breaking ground on an avant-guard approach to mingling with fellow singles, and helping local farmers be productive whilst doing so.
? ??? This Sat., Oct. 10, 5-7 p.m., the two nonprofits are teaming up to host an afternoon of what they call Weed Dating. Think speed dating, only this time they give you something to do with your hands. (Hooray!) Attendees will be divided into small groups that will shuffle around the grounds of Doghead Farm (near Fort McPherson in southwest Atlanta) while weeding and mingling. For those who fear al fresco fraternization leaves them with too few walls to cling to – don’t worry, Wild Heaven Brewery is donating plenty of liquid courage. The cost to attend is $15. Reserve your spot here.