Omnivore - The Hash: Vegetarian recipes, fraudulent cheese, and more

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COOKING IS HARD: In case you missed it, Atlanta hip-hop and rap artists Raury and Waka Flocka Flame came out as vegan in a blueberry muffin instructional for Vice's Munchies last week. The muffins were allegedly on par with Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

Make time to try several new recipes this week, such as eggs Benedict cups, vegetable stir fryfrosted animal cracker shakes or peanut butter Oreo brownies, bulgar and cashew-stuffed eggplant, and one-pot French onion pasta bake or cheesy carbonara pasta with charred Brussels sprouts. Consider adding butternut squash dinner rolls to the menu, if you're feeling ambitious.

A 5,000-person town in Slovenia plans to construct a fountain spouting drinkable beer in hopes of boosting tourism in the area.

Dine out and donate to the Atlanta Community Food Bank at more than 50 Atlanta restaurants from Fri., Feb. 26 through Sun., March 13. Participating restaurants will add an extra line to checks for write-in donations from $1 to $100. Proceeds will go help support ACFB's annual Hunger Walk/Run on March 13.

"One hundred percent Parmesan cheese" sometimes includes wood pulp, cellulose, and cheeses that are not Parmesan, according to the FDA.