Omnivore - The Hash: Drinking coffee protects your liver, NYT praises ATL dining, and more

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FIFTH TIME'S THE CHARM: Elite Daily celebrated Oscars week by paying homage to each of Leonardo DiCaprio's Academy Award-unworthy roles through latte art.

Two cups of coffee a day keep liver disease away, according to a Southampton University study. Compulsive coffee drinkers with a three-cup-per-day habit could be lowering their risk of cirrhosis by 57 percent.

The folks at Michigan Live tried Burger King's new grilled Oscar Meyer hot dogs – classic and chili cheese. The verdict? Meh.

ICYMI: The New York Times took a stroll through Atlanta's evolving dining scene with Hugh Acheson as their tour guide, recognizing Anne Quatrano, Kevin Gillespie, the Staplehouse team, Ponce City Market, and more along the way.

The man who changed his legal name to "Bacon Double Cheeseburger" is surprisingly not an American.