Omnivore - The Hash: Coke unveils 'one-brand' cans, pizza foils Italy's most wanted, and more

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SANDCASTLES IN THE SAND: Impress your kids' friends – or your own grown-up friends – with a sandcastle cake at your kid's next birthday party or at your next get together.

Researchers have learned that they can transmit Wi-Fi "strong enough to stream Netflix" through pork loin and beef liver. This research, of course, will help medical devices operate inside the human body.

Coke is testing out new, "one-brand" cans in Mexico before making them global throughout the year. The new cans feature a uniform design with a signature color for each variety. 

A town in Missouri should be preparing for a huge tourism boost as a McDonald's franchisee promises to bring America's largest fast food chain into the future with customizable burgers and sandwiches and all-you-can-eat french fries.

The munchies have once again brought down a seasoned criminal. This time, one of Italy's "100 most dangerous criminals" was duped by detectives disguised as pizza delivery guys.

ICYMI: YouTuber DopeusMaximus made up a song about cooking steak and eggs that rivals much of Disney's body of work.