Omnivore - Lunch at Campagnolo (1)

What’s happening at 10th Street and Piedmont Ave.?


I had a pleasant surprise with friends at Campagnolo last Friday. We lunched there after stopping by 10th and Piedmont, the new restaurant where Outwrite bookstore used to be. It turned out not to be open for lunch yet, so we walked across the street to Campagnolo.

I ordered the panino (right) at the suggestion of our terrific server, Jerry. It’s ciabatta bread stuffed with roasted brussels sprouts, anchovy aioli, fontina cheese, and prosciutto. The anchovies - scary to many people - were barely noticeable except as a pleasant saltiness.

My first lunch visit there not long after their opening was very disappointing. My friends, the same who joined me earlier, agreed that the restaurant’s lunch has improved....

10th and Piedmont is owned by brothers Sean and Gilbert Yeremyan, who also operate the very popular Gilbert’s next door and Hob Knob at Monroe and Piedmont. The menu is small plates meant for sharing. A quick peek inside revealed a modern decor that looks very different from the interiors of most restaurants and bars these days. It’s refreshing, at least at a glance....

Meanwhile, directly across the street, Ten has not yet opened. The restaurant/bar replaces the short-lived and over-priced Five Napkin Burger next to Zocalo. It was the longtime home of Nickiemoto before that.

There’s gonna be some fierce competition among the three restaurants, I’m betting.