The Last Word - What is the meaning of life?

In 10 words or less!

"Pain, suffering, taxes, death ... and all the beer and sex in between."?- "yalp" on CLATL.com

"There is no meaning in life. You are born and you die. One finds meaning in daily living."?- Paul Luna on facebook.com/clatl

"Finding peace and your search. The heart is a bucket that you throw things in until you find contentment."?- Dean, on the Westside

"To have a good beer."?- David, on the Westside

That's right! CL's annual fiction issue and party is less than a week away, and we want to know your answer to the question it took others 3,000 words to answer. The catch? Tell us the meaning of life in 10 words or less.

CL's 2013 Fiction Contest Party.

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