The perfect match from CL's pet contest

For last week's pet issue, a French bulldog named Fiona graced the cover of the paper — but a year-old boxer named Big stole the show.

We picked 16 animal lovers and asked you, dear reader, to match each of them to their pet. By and large, Big was linked to his rightful owner: Samantha Profetta, a 28-year-old coffee shop manager in Marietta.

Profetta admits that both she and Big "can't help but show a lot of facial expression." Perhaps that's what made them an obvious match.

The most adorable thing Profetta had to say about her jowly dog came in response to a question about his nickname. "It's a tie between Cinnamon Bun, because that is what he looks like when he curls up, and Chicken Nugget, because he is as cute as a chicken nugget. Why do I tend to call cute things that I love by the name of a ridiculous food?"

We're a bit surprised that some of the other petestants weren't as commonly linked to their owners. Chef and restaurateur Kevin Gillespie (who you might recognize from a recent season of Bravo's "Top Chef") was obviously the owner of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Norma Jean. But few of you matched the two. What should have given them away, according to Gillespie: "We both have red hair and little legs."

Likewise, only a few of you caught on to author Charles McNair's ruse. McNair offered this clue as to which animal belonged to him: "My pet and I share an intense distaste for cats." Of course, his pet is a cat — a black feline named Chessie who McNair likens to "one of those unstoppable, implacable killers Cormac McCarthy writes."

And one last shout-out to pet-guessing extraordinaire Aaron Lovitz, who took the prize for matching the highest number of pets to their owners — 12 of the 16!