Home Style Issue - Bem Joiner, West End

A crazy cool commercial space in West End’s Metropolitan Lofts anchored by Never graffiti

More photos of Bem’s pad

Age: 32
?Job: Co-owner of lifestyle branding and marketing company Rebelutions
Rent or own? Rent
?Price: $550

How many people/creatures live here?
?It’s a commercial space with about 15 to 20 creatives, graphic designers, video editors, artists on the lease.

Where did you find the furniture/pieces for this room?
?Because I do brand marketing, a lot of it is through promo or perks. People, clients, will bring in something cool.

What’s your favorite piece/design element in this room?
?The Atlanta Braves “A” by Never behind the bed.

What’s your decorating philosophy?
?My room looks exactly like what I say I do, and it speaks to who I am.

If your house/room had a theme song, what would it be?
?Anything from the LaFace years in Atlanta, anything like Organized Noize, OutKast and Dungeon Family. Then throw in some Kanye and Portishead.

What’s your favorite thing about Atlanta?
?The city has been a blessing for so many who have moved from worse situations. The fact that it’s helped so many people. But it’s hard to be a native. You remember when the Braves went from worst to first, original Freakniks. We’re all over the place, culture-wise. And creatives are forced to live like Ninja Turtles. They have to live underground like some Splinter shit. We’re trying to help, but no one understands what we’re doing. But it’s collaborative, everyone passes projects on to one another. The city and its creatives should have a symbiotic relationship — creatives go hand in hand with the progress of a city.