Art Boxes artist: Baxter Crane

Image Baxter Crane has lived in Georgia all her life, growing up in Paulding County and eventually pursuing a BFA from Kennesaw State.

Image It took some time, but Crane eventually moved into the metro-area (with help from some friends) and found a gallery (Beep Beep!) to share her vision with the city. Crane also belongs to a group called Dashboard, a fast-growing Atlanta artist collective created by her friends Courtney and Beth.Image

Crane would consider her style to be more illustrative than painterly. You’ll see she enjoys the tiny details, and like most tortured artist, obsessing to the point of frustration. “I can’t seem to create anything Image without absolutely hating it for a while,” Crane says. Her subjects usually revolve around putting creatures in situations that they normally wouldn’t be in or with objects they wouldn’t ever really be around. (Like dinosaurs and iPods, for instance.) “It’s cute to me and kind of scary to know that nature could really care less about all our stuff or us, for that matter,” Crane says. “Not to sound morbid or anything, I love nature! I wouldn’t paint so much of it if I didn’t.”Image

Currently, you can find Crane in East Lake with her two cats, Hooray and Fiasco. She also bartends in L5P.