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For a relatively small neighborhood, Poncey-Highland has a hell of a lot going on, from movies at the deco-chic Plaza Theatre to drinks at true-blue political haunt Manuel's Tavern to meals post-midnight at the Majestic Diner to middle-aged jubblies at the Clermont Lounge. There's a never-ending supply of colorful street characters along Ponce de Leon Avenue. Remember to wave to Bicycle Shorts Man! The best part - everything's within walking distance. It's one of the few neighborhoods in Atlanta where you can survive (comfortably) without a car.

Things to do in Poncey-Highland

Eat a Mexican chocolate popsicle

The Atlanta food cart that started it all, King of Pops, sells delicious handmade popsicles at its flagship corner of North and North Highland avenues in front of Buddy's gas station. With a rotation of new flavors and an attractive staff, it's hard not to get a sweet tooth.

Practice yoga to heavy metal music

Find mind-body wellness while striking a pose to heavy metal music surrounded by tattooed hipsters. Tough Love Yoga guides the popular Metal Yoga class at Young Blood Gallery for a $10 suggested donation.

Crush your beer can between two luscious boobs

The Clermont Lounge and Blondie are synonymous in this town. The ageless stripper will crush your beer can between her iconic breasts and sign it for you. Now that's a star.

Drink wine from a one-of-a-kind barrel

Tucked away in a refurbished warehouse, Two Urban Licks stores its wine in 42 stainless steel barrels in a temperature-controlled 26-foot wall. The restaurant says it's the only one of its kind in the country. We say it tastes great going down.

Sing along with Dr. Frank-N-Furter

We usually hate live re-enactments of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but if you have to go to one, the Plaza Theatre productions on Fridays at midnight are gold. The historic theater has staged Rocky Horror productions for the last 12 years and sells prop bags on-site.

Be a film snob

Yeah, Netflix Instant is pretty convenient, but will it force you to watch an obscure Chinese horror movie or critically acclaimed Polish coming-of-age drama? Long-standing movie-rental store Videodrome may be pretentious and anachronistic, but that's the charm.

Find your Zen, courtesy Jimmy Carter

Where does a Nobel Peace Prize winner find inner peace? Tucked away at the Carter Center is a Japanese garden with 40 varieties of roses, sculptures, and waterfalls.

Get into a political discussion over a pint

Manuel's Tavern is a Poncey-Highland institution, a home away from home to the politicians, artists, and madmen it's drawn as clientele for decades. The restaurant is still run by the Maloof family after Manuel Maloof acquired the spot in 1956.

Eat a mind-blowingly good Cuban sandwich

Pura Vida chef Hector Santiago gained notoriety after a brief stint on "Top Chef" before opening the neighboring lunch spot Super Pan Latino Sandwich Shop. The Medio Dia is a bit pricey at $13 but worth it purely for the chicharrón, or crackly pork skin.

Gawk tipsily at the street life

The only thing better than drinking on an Atlanta patio is drinking on an Atlanta patio while rubbernecking at Ponce de Leon Avenue's street characters. Drink a margarita outside of El Azteca or down a Cherry Bomb in the screened porch of Friends on Ponce. Think of it as free entertainment.

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