Poncey-Highland Wish List

1) "My one wish would be for the neighborhood to not change. That and a Dippin' Dots cart." — Katie Coleman, barista at San Francisco Coffee

2) "We'd love it if our neighbors donated more new best-seller books." — Madigan McGillicuddy, youth services librarian at Ponce De Leon Branch Library

3) "I would like to see more pedestrian-friendly events that focus on bringing together people and local businesses." — Kristin Anderson, assistant manager at the Highland Inn

4) "That every homeless person would have a door and a key and a house and a place to sleep and a table with food to serve others." — Calvin Kimbrough, resident of the Open Door Community

5) "It's swarmed with turds on any holiday when you're encouraged to walk around and drink. Less of that. Also, more bike lanes." — Courtney Conroy, 28, self-described dilettante