"Fringe," Season 3, Episode 22 - Finale

Season 3, Episode 22 - Finale


I saw on Fringeapedia that last week’s episode, “The Last Sam Weiss,” had a near-subliminal reference to 2026, the year of this week’s episode, “The Day We Died.” Anyone mind if I call the new time-line “Earth 1.15,” to distinguish it between Earth 1 and Earth 2 in the present day? They each have their own opening credits, with “Earth 1.15” having a gray-black color scheme and new Fringe sciences like “Biosuspension.”

The episode starts shortly after last week’s left off: Peter — who is 47 years old now — collapses in strife-ridden New York and is rushed to a hospital. We see Astrid with a new haircut as well as Olivia’s now-grown niece Ella (Emily Meade, whom you might recall as a baby-faced prostitute on “Boardwalk Empire”). Ella’s now a junior agent at Fringe Division, working for her “Aunt Liv.”

For a time, Peter only had his 2011 memories, but the details of his future life came back to him — which is a relief, because he suffered partial amnesia last week, too. We soon discover that the Earth of 2026 is a lot like Earth-2, with Fringe Division using amber to combat the rogue wormhole’s caused by Walter’s interdimensional experiments. Worse, there’s a terrorist named Moreau who uses high-tech bombs to mess with the wormholes and accelerate the “End of Days” (which is also the terrorist’s group’s name). Moreau takes his name from H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau and is played by the wonderfully twitchy Brad Dourif, who gets little to do this week.