"Boardwalk Empire," Season 2, Episode 11

Season 2, Episode 11


  • Courtesy of HBO
  • THE COLLEGE MATING CALL: "I'M SO DRUUUUNK." Gretchen Mol and Michael Pitt

Some chickens come home to roost this week, and they’re some pissed off specimens of poultry.

We first hear Angela’s voice saying, “Jimmy, I have to go.” But wait, didn’t she die in a pool of blood and lesbianism last week? Ah, we’ve flashed back to Jimmy’s days as a Princeton undergrad, for our knowledge of her death to lend pathos to the scenes of their relationship’s beginning. Jimmy bundles her off, since his mother’s coming up later that day.

Present-day Nucky holds a meeting with new lawyer, Fallon, who confesses that the judge seems unresponsive to bribes and confirms to the audience that Halloran fingered Eli for Hans Schroder’s murder. Eddie Kessler’s not around, but Jimmy’s servant wants to say something. Nucky assumes he’s awkwardly attempting to express gratitude, but at Fallon’s behest, Harlan reveals … that he saw Nelson Van Alden drown Agent Sedsoe last season!

Speak of the devil, Van Alden chats with Sigrid about his family and reveals that his father was a religious nutter who got caught up in a failed doomsday sect. So Van Alden’s piety provides him not with just a substitute father, but shows up his dad by worshipping a better Almighty. Sigrid expresses her faith that Jesus will come again: “You are a good man, Mr. Van Alden. There is nothing to be frightened of.”