First Slice 9/5/17: DACA in the crosshairs

Cover Shadows1250WEB 58e62bba381cbDreamers deferred?: DACA recipients like Rafael, who lives in the Atlanta area, are at risk if Trump dissolves the program.Joeff DavisDreamers’ worst nightmare: Rumor has it that the president is considering ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program within the next six months, and that we’ll hear more today. Several Atlanta groups showed out in support of these undocumented youth yesterday in a rally in front of the Immigration Court in downtown.

Cash flow issues: Atlanta Public Schools is planning on borrowing up to $100 million against anticipated tax revenues to “pay current expenses to be incurred by the School System during calendar year 2017.” They’ll discuss more later today.

Weather alert: Hurricane Irma was just upgraded to a category 5; it’s still too early to tell if the A is going to be affected.

Terrible: Two women minding their own business at Dragon Con were hit by chairs launched from an outside balcony at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Sunday morning.

Preppers, are your Spidey senses tingling? North Korea tested a bomb eight times as large as the one that obliterated Hiroshima during WWII on Sunday. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said the country is “begging for war”; meanwhile, Russian President Vladmir Putin said a military response could lead to a “global catastrophe.”

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