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The Blotter: I thought we were friends

Is there nothing sacred about making pals in chat rooms anymore?

A west Atlanta man just wanted to pal around with a friend he’d made on the internet. Instead, his car was stolen.
“Upon my arrival, I made contact with the victim,” the police report says. “He had just picked up a friend he met two weeks ago on an online chat room.”

The “friends” cruised north a few miles and stopped at a BP gas station on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. The driver got out to grab a few things from the BP convenience store. While he was inside, however, he noticed through the window that his buddy had jumped into the driver seat of his 2015 Volkswagen Passat and quickly sped off with it.”

The man told police that his iPhone 7 was inside the car, and he used a tracking app to watch his car move further and further away. Then, his phone was shut off, likely by the man who absconded with his whip.”

Police investigated security footage from the gas station’s cameras, although the victim was unsure of his online pen pal’s real name.

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