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Sir, why is there vomit on the floor of the driver seat?

Blotter Tray5Tray Butler/CL file
When an Atlanta cop was dispatched to a reckless driver call in Bankhead, the officer found himself staring at an apparently-abandoned and out-of-commission 1994 Ford Escort. Upon further inspection, however, the policeman noticed a seemingly intoxicated man "attempting to inflate his low tire," according to incident report.

Asked if he was drunk, the tire-pumper denied. Yet the officer deduced the man was "attempting to inflate his tire that appeared to be damaged to the point where the tire will not hold air," the report states.

The pumper, who the officer determined to be the only possible driver of the vehicle, also declined to admit he was toting any contraband that police should be concerned with. His car was found to contain a grinder, "an instrument to break up marijuana to make it easier to smoke," as the report defined it.

The alleged driver was also busted with a bottle of Yuengling. Plus, while investigating the Ford, the officer's nose led him to a stinky batch of bile that had been vomited on the floor of the driver's seat.

The probably-drunken gearhead headed to jail for charges of driving under the influence, open container, and he was even pinned with a pot possession charge for some grass stuffed in the driver-side door.

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