Victor Mariachi is back 'With A Vengeance'

The second single from 'Weapons Of Our Ancestors' promises a dark and confrontational debut album

Image VENGEANCE IS MINE: Victor Mariachi's 'Weapons of our Ancestors' is due out Sept. 29.David Frazier for DFcreatives

Victor Mariachi strikes back! "With A Vengeance" ft. Blaze is the second single from Mariachi's debut album, Weapons Of Our Ancestors, due out Sept. 29.

Falling on the heels of "Changes," which arrived in May, producer izo (Colin Lacativa), who worked on Mariachi's Old Children EP, thickens up the sound for a decidedly confrontational return. This latest offering finds the Gwinnett County-based rapper exorcising more than a few demons over the state of race relations in America. When Mariachi delivers lines such as, "Third world baby with a Handgun/ Swinging back the pendulum," there's no mistaking the frustration he's channeling over mistreatment of his ancestors and the maligning of his heritage. "It's a song about reparations for the new generation that came from ancestors that we're robbed of their identity and of the wealth that is rightfully theirs," Mariachi says. "It's some 'we are the generation of revenge' sort of speak."

The cover art, courtesy of FRKO, represents what Mariachi describes: "black and brown kids being born with a target on their back."

Mariachi's voice dovetails the instrumentals' dark sheen, as the song swells with izo's industrial-grade melodies, offering little comfort regarding a peaceful resolution. The song is hard, urgent and a harbinger what Mariachi has in store with Weapons Of Our Ancestors.

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