Dragon Con 2016 missed connections seek the Skywalker that got away

May the force of regret not be with you

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Another Labor Day weekend has passed, and with it, another Dragon Con.

For four days, people dressed as Stormtroopers, Pokemon characters, and the kids from “Stranger Things” ran wild throughout Downtown. They mingled. They danced. They attended panel discussions on filking and how to survive the apocalypse. Costumes are being professionally cleaned or put in the closet. Hotel crews are scrubbing body paint off of ceilings. Downtown restaurants are once again serving conventioneers wearing collared shirts with company logos.

During Dragon Con, paths crossed, eyes met, and words were sometimes exchanged. But emails or phone numbers were not. So in the days after Dragon Con, people take to Craigs List to shout into the internet, hoping to connect with the one or two people that got away.

Per CL tradition, we hereby do our best to amplify those messages in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, Seven of Nine and T-1000 can reconnect and see if things work out.

A word of warning: Some of these might not be safe for work, depending on where you work.

“I had a puppet.”

black and white striped shirt dragoncon

We kept catching each other’s eye last night. I had a puppet. Where was this?You had brown hair

Kili was a stud.

sexy quigon - missed chance at dragoncon

We hung around last night - you were kili and I was wearing a skirt. We swing danced. Catch up with me. I’ll make you laugh. I’ll make you come. It’ll be a good time.

You know why you’re posting this, my friend.

Blue girl at puppet slam

Never got your name but we chatted a little and you froze to death. No, I’m not the really old guy that sat to your right. Your character was from R&M. Not sure why I’m posting this but... send me a message?

Reason no. 22,572 why public transit is good

Leather clad dragon con girl on marta train

We talked on the train Sunday night. You said your birthday was in two weeks, you lived in Marietta, and it was ok for me to look because you liked the attention. I regret not getting your number and would love to talk more 

Reason no. 22,573 why public transit is good

Rocky? Long shot but maybe

I was heading home from Dragoncon. We sat next to each other on the train. You were so very attractive. Send me a message back! Tell me what color shirt I was wearing.

You had me at “The Edge of Night.”

Bailey & Tom at DragonCon karaoke

Nice to have met you - you seemed like an awesome couple!. Hope to hear back. - J. 

A good man can work around the house and efficiently manage a dungeon.

Dragon*con - Dungeons and Randomness

So I recognize this is as a very, very longshot but I thought what the hell. You were running the panel and I was sitting in the second row. I thought you were cute, which obviously you are, and had great energy just in general. As for me, I’m the copper blonde big guy who asked how your DM manages 4 teams at a time when most DMs can only manage one (Spoilers: he’s broken). Tomorrow is the last day at the con, but if you’d like to grab some coffee or a drink tomorrow, then let me know. Also you mentioned you were thinking about moving to California (LA) and I live in the Bay Area.Also if you read this, then let me know what color your hair is. 

Reconnection connection

We kissed, you should text me :)

We met when we were getting our badges, and I thought you were hot. I kissed you later, and you wanted more. I gave my number to your friend in the pink body paint. Text me.

Let’s grab a bite at this Pittypat’s Porch place.

Dragon-Con Rave

Hey, I doubt you’ll ever see this but in the off chance you do, you’re an amazing person. We were dancing last night and I wasn’t really sure of how you felt about it, and we had a brief conversation that was really great. If you’re still reading, feel free to get in touch. I’d love to take you out for lunch while I’m still in town. 

An actual traveling nurse? 

cute girl in marriot

You were a cute traveling nurse, i think named christie, it was really loud. We had a short conversation and you took a couple of pictures with me. You had blondish brown hair, glasses and very beautiful. You were also from upstate NY like me. I should have gotten your contact info but i was being a shy idiot. 

Georgia Tech fan, eh?

DragonCon-Black Kingslayer Shirt

You were with a girl which I’m thinking was your girlfriend but we made eye contact several times. I was wearing the Gold and Black costume. I’d like to meet you.

Woe is Waluigi

dragoncon marriott met twice

You said your name is Lauren, I never asked but I think you dressed as Black Canary. We climbed from the 30th to the 40th floor together in the Marriott. I was the very tall Waluigi, Brian. Meant to get your number at the Last Dance at Alderaan party but lost you in the crowd. Hope I didnt miss my chance forever! 

Four years later...

Remember? We locked ourselves in a hotel room during DragonCon 2012

Your family went to DragonCon and you spent the weekend with me. There was drinking and room service and sooo much sex. Remember that? I do.