Scott H. Biram plays the Star Bar Feb. 14

Austin's 'Dirty Old One Man Band' stops by Little Five Points for Valentine's Day

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Scott H. Biram

Austin’s one-man-band Scott H. Biram combines tough blues, punk, anti-folk, and vitriol into his grinding, raw attack. “I’m a pilgrim, I’m a drifter, I’m a gypsy, I’m a fool … I don’t have the time for righteous ways,” he sings on 2017’s tellingly titled The Bad Testament. The album encapsulates Biram’s lifestyle and full-on musical assault. A distillation of Johnny Cash, the Clash, and John Lee Hooker rolled into a hard strumming, foot-stomping, harp blowing force of nature, Biram’s music isn’t for the faint-hearted. Add the openers’ crusty blues punk and skip the candy and flowers for this aggressive, romance-free Valentine’s Day show.

With the Hooten Hallers. $12-$15. 9 p.m. Wed., Feb. 14. The Star Community Bar. 437 Moreland Ave. www.starbaratlanta.com.

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