1-900-BANGKOK brings old Atlanta vibes back with bass music

Ladonnis “Skrrt Franklin” Crump and Ashley “Youth Pastor Troi” Jones join forces as DJ duo

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Photo credit: Ryan Pucell

When Ladonnis “Skrrt Franklin” Crump and Ashley “Youth Pastor Troi” Jones decided to join forces as DJ duo 1-900-BANGKOK, they had one goal in mind. “We said let’s just do something crazy,” Crump explained. “Let’s try to grab people’s attention. That was like the starting point.”

A couple of months ago the duo began throwing parties that are definitely grabbing attention thanks to drum and bass filled setlists, the comfy confines of the Music Room and occasionally one of Atlanta’s most important entertainment staples — strippers. 1-900-BANGKOK is working hard to provide the city with the type of experiences that made “Old Atlanta” a legendary party city.

Both members of the duo grew up in Atlanta and felt inspired by tracks like the cult classic “My Boo” by the Ghost Town DJs as well as popular Florida acts like the 69 Boyz and Uncle Luke.

“We were always fans of bass music so when we came together we were like let’s make it extremely bass heavy and reminiscent of our childhood and the ’90s.

So far, the parties have been received well. Crump says each has drawn a larger, more energetic audience. He credits Atlanta’s diversity to some of the success as 1-900-BANGKOK pulls in dance influences from club scenes all over the country.

“Atlanta is growing. We’re growing so fast. There are so many people from so many places that I think it is really cool to know that we can have a party that introduces bounce music, Jersey club and Chicago footwork and people get it.”

1-900-BANGKOK is slated to drop their first single at the end of April. $5-$10 10 p.m. Fri., April. 6 (every first Friday of the month). Music Room. 327 Edgewood Ave Upstairs. 404-343-0111. www.boomboxatl.com.

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