Wet Jeans stay humble

‘The Worst’ captures small-town charm and ’90s alt-rock energy

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SOUTHERN COMFORT: The trio plays Venkman's on June 16.

Few bands are confident and savvy enough to slap the words “The Worst” on their album cover. The idea of a band called Wet Jeans having an album titled The Worst was born in the ideal epiphany incubator: the shower. Drummer Brian Hekman’s shower flash grew to embody the Canton, Georgia DIY rock band’s humorous vision. Since 2013, Hekman, Neal Colledge (bass/vocals), and Caleb Little (lead vocals/guitar) have turned out ’90s-infused alternative rock full of energy and small-town charm that’s anything but the worst.

The trio tested the inner-city waters in April, releasing their debut album at Smith’s Olde Bar. The group returns this summer for shows at Venkman’s on June 16 and Tin Roof Cantina on June 30. Originally a cover band, Wet Jeans possessed a deep desire to write original music. Over the last year and a half, the group has spent countless hours completing their debut full-length album at Green House Atlanta.

The ultimate goal of the record was to encompass a wide variety of musical styles. Songs such as “The Finish Line,” released in 2017, utilize a welcoming, block-party feel with upbeat tempos and relatable lyrics. “Give Me A Sign,” released earlier this year, takes on a heavier, funk-influenced rock sound. 

“We try to keep the vibe that we’re hosting the neighborhood block party,” Colledge says. “Come grab a beer out of our cooler because they’re way too expensive here.”

Although the group is a household name around Canton, the voyage to establish Wet Jeans in and around Atlanta’s music scene is just beginning. But Wet Jeans will bring the same small-town love as always, allowing the group to get up close and personal with everyone in the room.

Wet Jeans play Venkman’s on Sat., June 16. Free. 6:30 p.m. Venkman’s, 740 Ralph McGill Blvd. 470-225-6162. www.venkmans.com.

Wet Jeans play Tin Roof Cantina on Sat., June 30. Free. 9 p.m. Tin Roof Cantina, 2591 Briarcliff Road N.E. www.tinroofcantina.com.

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