Jaye Newton's rhythmic rap

Newton’s music emphasizes individuality

Photo credit: Courtesy Jaye Newton

Jaye Newton's rhythmic rap styles make waves both in and outside of the city. Hailing from Ellenwood, Georgia, his eclectic energy has led him to a theme of "vibey” hip-hop that’s appropriate for a wide range of chill settings. 

Since 2012, Newton’s music has emphasized individuality. He proudly reps the Eastside, but his sound doesn’t fit within the overcrowded confines of the region. Diverging from the trapper typecast with which Atlanta rappers are acquainted, Newton takes pride in his own authentic brand. Choosing love and leisure over drugs and money, he has a playful presence similar to Big Sean’s and a knack for storytelling comparable to that of J. Cole or Andre 3000. “Everyone sounds the same and it kills people to be themselves,” he says. “In this post-trap era, we've lost the root of what makes Atlanta music ‘Atlanta Music,’ which is being innovative and true to self.”

Between his well-tailored album titles and love for bass-lined beats, it’s no secret that Newton’s music is meant for car speakers. From the inaugural release of "Tapes in My Toyota” to the most recent “Sunroof Season,” he's spanned five projects in as many years. He often relies on his synesthesia (Newton hears colors) to create, as he did when he found inspiration for his fourth project, Real Men Wear Pink, in the vulnerability of a failed love life. As his impact expands further beyond Atlanta, Newton’s sound continues carries a youthful, positive beat.

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