ATL Friday the 13th tattoo deals

13 may just be the lucky number this Friday

Friday The 13 Tattoo
Photo credit: Courtesy Elm Street Tattoo
FUCK FATE: Choose your own fortune with Friday the 13th tattoo designs.

If we’re all doomed anyways, we may as well get a few memorable tattoos on the way out. We’ve heard unlucky origin stories of Friday the 13th that are superstitious, religious, and everything in between. But we’re only a little stitious — so give fate the middle finger at a few participating tattoo shops around ATL and come out on the other side with a commemorative tat that’ll serve as a token to badassery forever.

ARTISTIC BEHAVIOR TATTOO: $13-$33. Choose from a flash sheet of $13 tattoos or larger $33 tattoos. Follow Artistic Behavior Tattoo on social media to keep up with the available designs.1-10 p.m. 1287 Glenwood Ave. S.E. 404-343-0003. www.artisticbehaviortattoo.com.

MEMORIAL TATTOO: $20 ($13 tattoo + $7 tip).The number 13’s during normal business hours. Cash only, no flash sheet alterations (keep it simple, ya’ll). Flash sheet will be available on social media soon.No appointments, no reservations, first come first serve only. Noon-8 p.m. 809 Moreland Ave. S.E. 404-622-9222. www.memorialtattooatl.com. @memorialtattooatl on Instagram.

SAINTS AND SINNERS: $33 ($20 tattoo + $13 tip). One per customer, no flash sheet alterations, and no exceptions. Piercings available to begin at 2 p.m.; One for $25 or two for $40. Cash only, nothing below the belt. 10 different flash sheets to choose from included in-shop. 11 a.m.-9 p.m. 1002 Duluth Hwy. 770-910-9988. www.saintsandsinnersatl.com.

UNIQUE INK TATTOO STUDIO: $20 ($13 tattoo + $7 tip). A second flash sheet will be available for bigger and more intricate designs for $40. Alterations allowed: Changing a color or removing part of flash-sheet designs is free, any additional alterations are $10. Walk-ins accepted until 7 p.m. Cash only is preferred: Hit the PNC Bank or Walgreens ATM within walking distance before you go. Noon-7 p.m. 60 Powder Springs St. 678-401-3062. www.uniqueinktattooing.com.

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