Kelly’s Death Pickles, kind of a big dill

The heavy metal pickler talks philosophy and ghost peppers

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Photo credit: Chad Radford
IN A PICKLE: Kelly Hester of Kelly’s Death Pickles.

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For this installment of the Creative Loafing podcast, Music Editor Chad Radford and Kelly Hester of Kelly’s Death pickles sit down for an interview in Short Notice Studio.

Hester owns and operates the boutique pickle production company that turns out flavors as heavy as the punk, hardcore, and metal music that he loves. Over the last few years, Kelly's Death Pickles has partnered with local bands Malformity, Order of the Owl, Dead Now, and more to create limited edition, signature flavors using locally sourced, hand-cut ingredients, and a hands-on work ethic.

Press play above to hear Hester talk about Kelly’s Death Pickles’ history, philosophy, and white hot ghost peppers.

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