R&B groove moves new single, 'Time To Get Strange'

Time To Get Strange Artwork
Photo credit: Kara Hammond

Chelsea Shag sets a new groove on her first single in two years, “Time To Get Strange,” out today on Madison Records. The song blends pop sensibilities with a decidedly R&B feel that grooves and moves.

Canadian-born and Atlanta-based, Shag cites music of the ’60s and how it helped to frame the struggles of that era — the Civil Rights movement, the political turmoil, and a country steeped in anger over the drawn-out Vietnam War — as inspiration for helping her express her own convictions at a time when this country is starting to face many of the same problems … again. Spreading her message of love through music is more important to her now than ever before, “I just want to be myself for others,” Shag says.

She’s doing exactly that in the studio, as the new single attests. Shag notes, “I've finally found my stride as a songwriter and producer in the studio and my sound is more me than ever.” Listen to “Time To Get Strange” here, or, through your favorite streaming service here.

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