NEWS BRIEF: Modern-day slavery is real in Georgia, report says

Homeland Security takes a ‘holistic’ approach with victims

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Photo credit: U.S. Attorney's Office, Southern District of Georgia
Operation Blooming Onion, Nov, 2021
An ongoing investigation into a labor trafficking ring in south Georgia reveals that 27 migrant farmworkers who were liberated in November are facing numerous hurdles and a lengthy recovery process from trauma. An unsealed indictment claims the men were living and working in conditions of “modern-day slavery” at a farm in rural Coffee County. The victims, all Latinos, are now being counseled by support groups such as Tapestri and the Georgia Legal Services Program to determine what statutory, visa, mental health, and employment options are available to them. Alia El-Sawi, an Atlanta-based casualty specialist at Homeland Security Investigations, said, “We are trying to take a victim-centric, holistic approach, making sure that all their needs are met.”