NEWS BRIEF: Five drug cartels now active in Atlanta, DEA says

Fortune 500 companies see same appeal in Atlanta

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Photo credit: CL FILE
Guns & Drugs on Atlanta Police Table

The head of Atlanta’s Drug Enforcement Administration says members of five Mexican drug rings are “hiding in plain sight” all over the city. Special Agent Robert Murphy told WSB-TV that the situation is the worst he has seen in 25 years on the job.

During a helicopter tour of the metropolitan area, Murphy pointed out Milton in north Fulton County, a meat-packing plant in DeKalb, a warehouse off Covington Highway, a Forest Park neighborhood and various multi-million dollar subdivisions as places where recent drug busts and seizures have occurred.

“The same thing that makes Atlanta attractive to Fortune 500 companies is the same the Mexican cartel is looking for,” said Murphy, adding that the DEA has already dismantled two local cartels and is currently focusing on the remaining five. “We have the law on our side, and we have the will and we’re not going to stop.” wsbtv.com

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