NEWS BRIEF: Glover brothers dismiss “Atlanta” critics before new season begins

People don’t get the benefit of the doubt

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Photo credit: FX's Atlanta
Is 'Atlanta' really Atlanta? The Glovers say "Yes!"

Donald Glover, lead actor and co-writer of the popular FX television series “Atlanta,” is responding to critics who say the show is aimed at white viewers and portrays the Black experience inauthentically. At a Tuesday meeting of TV writers, Glover said, “This is such a Black show on a lot of levels. To say that it’s for white people is like we’re cutting ourselves down. It’s just sad to me mostly.”

The show, which heads into its fourth and final season beginning Sept. 15, is co-written by Glover’s younger brother Stephen, who told the gathering he tends to rely on people he runs into rather than naysayers. “For me that is the real conversation that’s happening out there that I listen to,” he said. “I get my feelings from the streets. We’re right now living in a time where you just don’t give people the benefit of the doubt, so I feel like this is a good time to explore that more.” Details: wabe.org