NEWS BRIEF: GOP heads to North Georgia after Atlanta losses

Republicans see ‘gold’ in them there hills

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Photo credit: Mmacbeth (Public Domain)
Brian Goes North

As suburban Atlanta has continued to diversify, the Georgia GOP has increased their focus in Northern Georgia. Where the Atlanta suburbs used to be a stronghold for Republican candidates, these areas rejected the far right swing of the GOP under Donald Trump. Fifteen years ago, it would have been a wild notion to call Georgia a swing state, but as the areas around Atlanta change, the GOP heads North.

According to an analysis by The Associated Press, the 41-county region of North Georgia contains as many GOP voters as metro Atlanta. According to an article by The Christian Science Monitor, “Those changing dynamics have intensified pressure on Governor Kemp to maintain – or strengthen – his support in rural mountainous communities like Toccoa to offset losses closer to the capital city.” In 2018, Brian Kemp won the Georgia Governorship by a slim margin of 1.4 points. csmonitor.com