NEWS BRIEF: Trump allies spotted handling Georgia voter equipment, new video shows

The equipment contained the personal information of over seven million Georgia voters.

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Photo credit: Coffee County Elections Office
Trumpers Caught in the Act

Evidence continues to pour out in the state’s investigation into alleged voter medaling by former-President Donald Trump and his team. This time, video has been released of Trump allies and contractors handling sensitive voting equipment in Coffee County, Georgia. Said equipment contained personal information for over seven million Georgia voters.

In a recorded phone conversation, Scott Hall, a Trump supporter based in the Atlanta-area, said the team had “scanned all the equipment, imaged all the hard drives and scanned every single ballot.” He claims the group had the blessing of a local elections board.

Several members of SullivanStrickler, an Atlanta Legal Technology Solutions firm, were among those seen in the video. The firm had been hired by a Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell. In a statement to the public, SullivanStrickler said they were not a target in the investigation and that, “Our firm and our employees are only witnesses in this matter. We will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement.”

Georgia isn’t alone. Similar incidents are being reported across the country, including Michigan and Colorado. nytimes.com