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Over the past 25 years we’ve learned many valuable digital skills. In need of some assistance with your digital marketing? We’ve got you covered. Creative Loafing has extensive experience all platforms: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, MailChimp, email servers, Hubspot, and related CRM programs. At the same time, we’ve developed our buying and selling strategies, using banners and videos on ad exchanges. We have also worked with the underlying technologies used by law firms, car dealerships, consignment furniture shops, and a wide-range of classified advertising sites.

Digital services approach

We have a great digital team that handles campaigns for all types of businesses. It includes web developers, campaign managers, social media experts, writers, designers, photographers, and creative directors. Put us to work - we love to help businesses grow.

Our approach is simple - lead clients through three simple steps:

  1. Help You Tell Your Story - visually, with content and within video/audio segments
  2. Inspire Your Audience - find your audience and help you build long-lasting connections
  3. Listen, Carefully - set up campaign tracking to insure your marketing budget is profitable

Creative Services

We work with some of Atlanta’s very best photographers, designers, video storytellers and creative directors. We handle projects large and small.


Great creative begins with strategic thinking that can be translated into storytelling. The “story” connects the brand to individuals. The brand’s language, personality, quirks, strengths and weaknesses are all part of the story to be told. Great storytelling and story definition is a requirement with social media and the “always on” nature of today’s marketing. Our job is to amaze and inspire.

We have in-house enterprise-level tools to tap the best of Google, Facebook/Instagram, Programmatic Ads as well as sophisticated data providers to target the audience you are seeking.


Audience development requires an emotional connection between a brand and its most enthusiastic followers. With strong creative, the brand message can be introduced into likely early adopters on its way to a broader appeal. Success comes when an individual feels an affinity to the brand and is reinforced by communities that are important to that person. We know how to build audiences.

Call Tracking, Data Management, Post Sale Analytics

We buy a lot of advertising from Google, Facebook and the Ad Exchanges every year targeting Atlanta and Southeastern audiences. Our campaign listening and tracking allows us to stay with the content and media buying strategies that work and discard those that outlive their effectiveness.

Analytics Programs

To listen is to understand someone. A click, social engagement, or view-through can provide us
some clinical understanding that an action was taken. A face-to-face focus group provides
us a far richer understanding of a person’s experience. Somewhere between these two lies
an understanding of what is working and what isn’t working in a marketing campaign. Listen. Trust. Verify.


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