Whole Suckling Pig from Porch Light Latin Kitchen

Available at Porch Light Latin Kitchen !
Chef Andre Gomez loves bringing a bit of his Puerto Rican heritage to Smyrna, and what better way than an entire suckling pig? Call ahead at least two days, and Gomez will phone up his farmer friends to find a little heritage piggy just for you and your party of eight to 12. Each pig (typically 20-30 pounds) gets a mojo brine, a rub of olive oil and salt and a slow roast before being shown to the dinner table. The kitchen then breaks it down and brings all the pork back (including the crisp skins) with a bevy of sides and intricate sauces like tomatillo salsa verde, chimichurri and guava chipotle barbecue. $200-$300 based on size of pig.