Offal Tacos at Eat Me Speak Me

Available at Eat Me Speak Me !
In case you’ve been living under a rock, chef Jarrett Stieber’s Eat Me Speak Me pop-up takes over Candler Park’s Gato every weekend, Friday through Sunday nights. The weekly menu changes constantly, but it always lists an item dubbed As Good as Hell Tacos. There’s always a crowd-pleasing option like braised pork shoulder or short rib among the three or four types of filling, but there is always some sort of risqué offal option like chicken heart, beef liver, or goat neck for more adventurous palates. A recent menu had an extremely succulent shredded pig face. Although the proteins are ever-changing, you can count on a drizzle of Stieber’s Yummy Sauce in every taco, although the sauce’s ingredients are ever-changing, too. One week it could be a seasonal fruit, often apples or berries, apple cider vinegar, butter, garlic, shallot, hot peppers, and sugar. No matter what combination Stieber’s dreamt up that night, one of his tacos will be the most rewarding three bucks you spend all week. $3.