News Flash: Back in Action

Thursday November 10, 2016 09:00 PM EST
Cost: $5 ,

From the venue:

Laughter might be the best medicine for the lackluster state of American politics. News Flash is part news show part comedy contest. Over three rounds, comics and writers go head-to-head creating current event-inspired jokes. The champion from each round competes in a final battle where they have to write five jokes in 15 minutes. Whoever spits the best zinger, as determined by Ladylike variety show members Kenzie Carolyn Rowland and Jil Pasiecnik, wins. Fighting for this month's title are Amber North, Neal Reddy, Caroline Schmitt, Shaunak Godkhindi, Kevin Saucier, and returning champ Brian Emond. Joe Pettis, Samm Severin, Piper Ruhmkorff, and Trey Dunn perform stand-up, too, guaranteeing maximum laughter. Andrew Michael and Paige Bowman host.
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