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Left Overs Dinner Series: The Cuban Side of Dubai!

Friday December 30, 2016 06:30 PM EST
Cost: 49.00 or 69.00 for VIP
Disclaimer: All prices are current as of the posting date and are subject to change.
Please check the venue or ticket sales site for the current pricing.

From the venue:

The Left Overs Dinner Series would like to give you a cross presentation of the Cuba you’ve never seen & the Dubai you have always heard of. Chef Jarvis Belton has traveled to both locations and came back to give you, the guests, a bite of everything culinary. The perfect CHRISTMAS GIFT or way to enter in to the end of the year, you will have to be in attendance!

The menu, will be posted two weeks prior to the dinner for your reveal and delight! For now, picture fresh Mediterranean salads with thick cut Central American Pork to follow. Heading in to the 3rd and 4th course, your palate will enjoy a blend of ethnic berries, fresh herbs and a Cuba Libre to pair! Dessert will be nothing short of amazing as Chef Belton will build a replica of the Burj Khalifah with sticky sweets and a flambe of whiskeys and bourbons! Truly an experience you will take home with you to remember forever!

The location will be released to those that confirm with payment to prevent walk ins for this exclusive dinner series. Please do not wait until then to buy your tickets as they will surely go fast!

  • VIP Ticket purchases come with a special gift from the Chef with early entry & priority seating!
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