NewsMaker Line Jim Gossett Kimmer Show July 15th

Saturday July 15, 2017 11:00 AM EDT
Cost: $15 ,

From the venue:

Jim Gossett, the NewsMaker Line on news radio 106.7fm, the Kimmer radio show Monday-Friday.

As always Gossett takes his inspiration from the events of the day, adds his special brand of magic, and delivers a performance so up-to-the-minute. Kimmer will be there to heckle every character Jim plays. Satirical bits so up to date you never know what to expect! Political humor and his Trump makes the NewsMaker Line truly on top of the world right now.

Johnny Porrazzo, Atlanta's favorite Piano Man, a headliner on his own. From local happy hour to Caribbean paradise; Star Spangled Banner to a Trump pageant full of lovelies, he is always certain to entertain.

Houck's Grill is a long-time supporter of NewsMaker Line! See the menu here.

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