ACP Film Series Presents: '9 Days From My Window In Aleppo-Issa Touma'

Monday October 23, 2017 07:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free w/ RSVP,

From the venue:

Issa Touma is a self-taught photographer and film director based in Aleppo. In 2012, shortly after the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, Touma’s organization, Le Pont, initiated Art Camping for Syrian refugees and citizens of Aleppo. This unique collaborative project, whose participants come from different religious and ethnic backgrounds, attempts to foster resistance to political and religious radicalism through artistic interventions and cultural dialogue. 9 Days from my Window in Aleppo was awarded Best Short Film by the European Film Awards; Best Short Film at the London Film Festival and the Tribute Award at the International Short Film Festival in New York. Issa Touma will be present for questions after the screening.


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