Striking 12 Charity Concert

Sunday December 31, 2017 10:00 PM EST
Cost: $15-$100 based on ticket level selected,

From the venue:

Categories: Fundraiser - The Trevor Project & Atlanta Children’s Shelter

Never sure what to do on New Year’s Eve? Neither were we! We knew we wanted to spend in in a fun and meaningful way - and so the Striking 12 charity concert event was born.

GrooveLily’s Striking 12 is a perfect alt-rock alternative to standard holiday fare while still being family-friendly and providing us with the much needed reminder that ‘the world looks like new... on the first day of the year’.

Surrounded by great people coming together for a great cause - what better way to ring in the New Year?

Note: A synopsis of the show is included on the event website that I included in the “More Information Link” section. I also have logos and plentiful marketing material that I can share. Starring Local Artists: Robert Hindsman, Emma Palmer McVey, Paige Mattox, Daniel Burns, D. Connor McVey, Kara Noel Harrington, and Cale Brandon.

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Synchronicity Theatre Magnum
1545 Peachtree St. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 484-8636