Feedback Poetry Collective: A Place for Poets

Saturday August 11, 2018 07:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free but donations welcome,

From the venue:

An evening of poetry, a meeting of the minds. An opportunity to read anything you consider poetic work in any way you'd like. We'll invite attendees to read 1-2 pieces, with a sentence or two about process: where you are, are you in it? what it is, what is it, interpret how you will.

Weather permitted outside with fire. This means wine-drinking under the stars.

This will be the first official event of Feedback Poetry Collective. We will be recording audio, taking photos, and filming to commemorate our time together.

  • ~Featured poets~*

Hannah Neal (@hannahbolecter)
Shane Dedman (@clumzyhologram)
Juan Camillo Garza (@juancamillogarza)
Nicholas Goodly (@nicholasgoodly)
Miriam C. Jacobs
Ryan Alexander aka Ryan Jones (@gohomeryan)
Keithni Woodside (@poetically_keithni)
Taylor Janay Manigoult (@taylrjanay)
Blair LeBlanc (@lovefaggirl)
Eartha Litt (@monteqarlo)
Ember Webb aka Monte Quarlo (@emberwebb)
Ed Hall
Sam Cartin (sammyboi888)

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1467 Oxford Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(678) 770-9180